WHY OFFICE 365? WHAT IS OFFICE 365? Continued…

Last week we discussed how Office 365 can give your company a competitive edge no matter what size you are. This week we are continuing that discussion by highlighting Office Web Apps, File Sharing, and Create a Professional Web Page.

Office Web Apps

Office Web Apps is more than just the ability to use Open Office to create, store, and edit docs online. You can edit and create files for Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote from your browser. Even if the file was created in Word, you can still use the web apps to edit the documents and vice versa. The Web Apps are incorporated with SharePoint, which also gives you capability to collaborate on files as well. You and a colleague could be working on the same presentation at the same time and web conferencing with Lync!


File Sharing

Office 365 comes with the ability to create Team Sites for file sharing through the use of SharePoint Technology. Each company gets 10 GB of storage plus 500 MB per user. If your office is mobile and you and your employees are not always near the server, they can still access critical files to assist them in doing their job. Along with the Calendars in Outlook, you can create special project calendars to help you manage your project timetable. In addition to collaboration with in your organization, you can also send a link to someone outside the organization and they can access the file as well.


Create a professional web page

The SharePoint platform also gives you the capability to quickly and easily to create a professional website that uses your own domain. The built in web tools makes it easy to create and modify content. With one simple step you can save and publish your web page.

Office 365 is a great product that is subscription- based on the number of users and the technology that you need to succeed. It is easy to use and has full Active Directory capabilities, along with built-in anti-virus and spam-fighting technology. Having cloud-based apps helps to keep the cost lower than most on-site solutions. The entire program is based around the Office tools that you are used to, which makes the learning curve short. Office 365 can help you take your business to the next level!