Overwhelmed by email? Try changing your Outlook!

Deanna Finney

We are very excited to be a guest columnist for the latest issue of the Indiana Lawyer. On November 8, 2012 they featured our article entitled "Overwhelmed by email? Try changing your Outlook!". Here is a preview of the article, be sure to click the link below to read the remainder of the … [Read more...]


Recently I was brought in to a client site to troubleshoot an issue with a Windows Small Business Server 2011 migration. The migration, for the most part, went flawlessly by the organization’s IT partner, however there were now issues relaying emails from the company external web server off the new … [Read more...]

Create a Custom Ribbon

Custom Ribbon

Because we all use our Office software differently, Office 2010 is all about customization, making the experience unique for each individual user. Using the Quick Access and Custom Ribbon functions, users can customize their experience by creating shortcuts to items they use most often. If you often … [Read more...]

Decreasing Picture File Size in Office 2010

A picture can say 1000 words, but it can also take up 1000 kb. How do we balance the increasing need for visually stimulating presentations, emails, and documents with the challenge of increasing file sizes? As digital cameras and scanners technology advances to allow for higher-quality photos, we … [Read more...]

Office 2010: Photo Editing Tools

In the past, if you wanted to edit a picture to use in a presentation or document then you would need an expensive third-party program like Photoshop, but now with Office 2010 edit your pictures with a few simple clicks. Two easy to use tools that can make your pictures look more professional are … [Read more...]