Recently I was brought in to a client site to troubleshoot an issue with a Windows Small Business Server 2011 migration. The migration, for the most part, went flawlessly by the organization’s IT partner, however there were now issues relaying emails from the company external web server off the new … [Read more...]

Working Remotely


Laptops, smartphones and iPads are changing the way we work.  Employees no longer need to drive to an office each day to be available to their clients and coworkers; they can be virtually anywhere in the world and still be connected.  Working remotely does not have to be limited to just checking … [Read more...]

Windows SBS Security Tip – Administrator


There are many measures that can be taken to secure your small business network such as implementing a firewall appliance, disabling unused services, keeping current on security patches, and adopting best practice access policies and procedures.   While a great deal of skill and finesse goes into … [Read more...]