New software packages are released continuously and offer visions of efficiency, ease of use, and amazingly detailed reports. Yet somehow, regardless of the package, these ideas become distant memories and everyone blames the software in utter disgust. How is it that every software package on the market seems to come up short?

The truth is most people do not receive adequate training prior to being unleashed on a software package and as a result, quickly underutilize the “right” tools they possess. Even those whom are adventurous and figure out the super-secret shortcuts are often limited by their fellow co-workers daily processes. Software is merely the skeleton which we input data into; whether it is fixing inconsistently formatted paragraphs in a Word document or trying to pull a report from inconsistently entered data, inconsistent processes make everything more painful.

Modern Information Solutions is committed to going beyond providing merely “how to” training by beginning with a message of “why” consistent processes are important and “what” capabilities are available using real life scenarios with each software package. Our trainers are skilled at auditing current processes and working with key members of the organization to identify, document, and train others to utilize consistent practices and truly enable everyone to get the most out of each software package. With a firm wide commitment to consistently utilize a product, the new found fascination with the capabilities clearly demonstrates how a small investment in training and process improvement can greatly reduce the enormous expense of inefficiencies.

We can help your staff get the most out of current office applications and litigation software.  Our customized training approach focuses on training users how to use applications relevant to your business needs.

We look forward to meeting with you for a free consultation to discuss your needs and implementing a cost-effective training solution to benefit your team.