Disaster Recovery

Modern Information Solutions has proven professional experience in the creation, continual modification and execution of disaster recovery and business continuity plans.  Disaster Recovery (DR) is often an item that is continually pushed down the priority list in today’s hectic business world.  Fires, storms, and even power outages are unpredictable and can take a business down in an instant, but proper planning can help prevent such devastation.

In April of 2006, fierce thunderstorms devastated Indianapolis by causing severe damage to a downtown high rise building.  Companies of various sizes were evacuated from the building for several months for repairs to take place.  By facing such an adverse situation, several companies contacted Modern Information Solutions to assist with DR.  We gained an enormous amount of real world experience including proper identification of critical business needs, appropriate planning mechanisms and best methods for execution of plans.

Disasters can also be in the form of internal factors such as a disgruntled employee, a system failure or even a simple oversight by users with administrative privileges.

We believe in an aggressive, well documented approach to DR planning and are able to assist you in coming up with solutions to account for the different kinds of disasters that could affect your business.  With proper planning, quarterly walkthroughs and audits, a solid DR plan can minimize the loss of data and downtime your company may face during a disaster.