Case Preparation

Preparation for an upcoming trial can be time consuming and frustrating. Our extensive litigation technology experience enables us to consult with your firm to ensure the best possible organization of evidence including documents, photographs, depositions, and videos.  With the popularity of video depositions soaring, it is important to be able to pare down key elements of a video to play before a jury or to use as evidence in impeaching a witness. Our consultants will work with you to search and identify key testimony or simply create clips as you have designated. We can output the result in a variety of formats for you to play on your own or to make use of our mediation/trial presentation services.

Case preparation services include:

  • Trial Director or Sanction: Database Creation & Modification
    • Exhibit Preparation
    • Video Preparation
    • Deposition Preparation (including video/text synchronization and video designation clips)
  • Hyperlinked Exhibit List Creation & Modification
  • Creation of PowerPoint Presentations
  • Creation of Demonstrative Evidence (electronic and printed)